Code of Conduct

Our “Code of Conduct” reflects the values of our company.

No matter where we operate, we will follow the country’s laws and regulations.

Fyns Kran Udstyr A/S is a socially responsible company, and we respect all our employees as well as their professional and human qualifications.

We emphasize the importance of a healthy working environment as well as proper facilities for all employees.

We follow contractual obligations regarding customer confidentiality, and therefore any confidential information – know-how and data concerning Fyns Kran Udstyr A/S and its customers or business – must not be revealed without prior permission.

We focus extensively on customer satisfaction, and consequently we will not accept orders or projects unless we have the necessary capacity to complete the task in a responsible way.

We expect our employees in all respects to behave in such a way as to sustain the company’s reputation and to show commitment to the core values of the company.

Employees are also expected to follow established policies and procedures, including this “Code of Conduct”.

If suppliers, customers or other business partners differ substantially from the values of our company and are unable or unwilling to make adjustments in this respect, we will feel a distinct responsibility to reconsider such relations.