Hydraulik Cylinders / Jacks

Levelling wind turbines with Holmatro hydraulic cylinders / Jacks

Holmatro hydraulic cylinders can be used during installation of offshore wind turbines. The platform for the wind turbine comes in two parts which need to be exactly aligned for the ideal effect.

The first monopole is rammed into the seabed and raises a couple of meters above sea level. The Transition Piece (TP) is then placed over the pole, together forming the foundation of the wind turbine. The complete construction needs to be levelled and able to stand the rough offshore conditions.

The levelling of an offshore wind turbine is a very precise and important task. The builder of the offshore wind turbine foundation pre-fixes the Holmatro hydraulic cylinders inside each Transition Piece (TP).
During the installation of the turbine in the seabed, the final and very exact alignment is then adjusted with the hydraulic cylinders.

After levelling, the structure is then fixed with a glue-like concrete called ‘grout’ after which the tower is completed. The Holmatro hydraulic cylinders stay inside the Transition Piece (TP).

The picture below shows exactly where the cylinders are used inside the wind turbine structure.


DK Jacks & Pneumatic Lifting bags

DK Jack is the result of many years of development where technicians and users together have created a product that incorporates all needs for hydraulic jacks for handling and lifting heavy objects.


  • Lifting capacity: 10 tons
  • Adjustable supporting legs which prevents the jack from tipping over
  • The capacity is doubled with 2 jacks on one pump
  • May be used in both vertical and horizontal positions
  • Lowest lift only 20 mm

DK Jacks are produced in conformity with the Machine Directive from the European Union and are delivered CE-marked with manual and EU-declaration.


Lifting bags

Lifting bags come in various sizes with a lifting capacity of 1 til 67 tons.
Lifting bags can for instance, be used when fitting the gearbox in the wind turbine.